• Since the very beginning, innovation has been a key part of Torex’s DNA given our unique approach to asset design, mining practices and social management. At Torex, we have the courage and confidence to do things differently by leveraging innovation to drive value and mitigate risk.


A key benefit of this approach to innovation is increased safety, reduced energy consumption and a smaller environmental footprint, which at the same time delivers shareholder value through reduced operating costs.


  • Innovative 1.3 km automated conveyor system which transports ore to our processing plant over a 400m vertical fall
  • Reduces number of haul trucks and safety risk from driving loaded trucks downhill
  • Produces most of the energy it consumes, limiting our carbon footprint


  • “Dry-stack” filtered tailings facility best-in-class in the industry
  • Moisture content of tailings reduced to 17% and then contained and stored; reduces water consumption versus conventional tailings by 1,500,000 m3 annually
  • Eliminates the risk of dam failure in a seismically active area


  • Reduces consumption of our two most costly reagents (cyanide, metabisulfite) by 20-30%
  • Decreases the cyanide content of our tailings by 5x
  • Produces a saleable by-product with revenues mostly offsetting the plant’s operating costs
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