Analyst Coverage

The following analysts/institutions issue research on Torex Gold. Torex Gold does not endorse/approve the opinions, estimates, forecasts, conclusions, or recommendations about Torex Gold or securities associated with Torex Gold. The below coverage list is for information purposes only. The list of analysts/institutions which cover Torex Gold may not be accurate and/or exhaustive, as institutional coverage and publishing analysts can vary over time.

BMO Capital Markets
Ryan Thompson, CFA
(416) 359 6814
Canaccord Genuity Capital Markets
Michael Fairbairn, CFA, CPA, P.Eng
(416) 867-4545
CIBC Capital Markets
Bryce Adams
(416) 594 7293
Cormark Securities
Richard Gray, CFA
(416) 943 6407
National Bank Financial
Don DeMarco
(416) 869-7572
RBC Capital Markets
Wayne Lam
(416) 842-7840
Scotia Capital
Trevor Turnbull, MBA, MSc
(416) 863 7427
Stifel GMP
Ian Parkinson
(416) 943 6639
TD Securities
Steven Green, CFA
(416) 307 6304

Please note, Torex Gold does not distribute research/investment reports.

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