Analyst Coverage

The following analysts/institutions issue research on Torex Gold. Torex Gold does not endorse/approve the opinions, estimates, forecasts, conclusions, or recommendations about Torex Gold or securities associated with Torex Gold. The below coverage list is for information purposes only. The list of analysts/institutions which cover Torex Gold may not be accurate and/or exhaustive, as institutional coverage and publishing analysts can vary over time.

Canaccord Genuity Capital Markets
Michael Fairbairn, CFA, CPA, P.Eng
(416) 867-4545
CIBC Capital Markets
Bryce Adams
(416) 594 7293
Cormark Securities
Richard Gray, CFA
(416) 943 6407
National Bank Financial
Don DeMarco
(416) 869-7572
RBC Capital Markets
Wayne Lam
(416) 842-7840
Eric Winmill, MFin, CFA
(416) 862 3738
TD Securities
Steven Green, CFA
(416) 307 6304

Please note, Torex Gold does not distribute research/investment reports.

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